VIP Day Intensive Invoice

Ready for your systems to do all the hard work for you?

The Taskly Group will work on behalf of the client over the course of 2 weeks to create or improve, and implement a business system and automation strategy and workflow for 1 department that aligns with their business, goals, and personality.

Our work together will include a quick pre-work questionnaire and 1 strategy session:

VIP Intensive Package:

  • 90 minute strategy session
  • Thorough audit of your business’s current operations systems for 1 department
  • Customized/ improved project management tool setup (software of your choice) + build out for 1 business department
  • Full integration and automation setup
  • Trainings for you and your team
  • 60 minute presentation session
  • Coaching and feedback on optimizing your processes and systems
  • 2 weeks of email support after process buildout is complete

*Additional calls and additional department build outs will be an additional charge


What you can expect from us: 

  • We will be responsive and timely with all of our communications and will answer all of your questions and support you as much as we can, Monday- Thursday between the hours of 9:30am and 4pm EST. 
  • We will respect you, your expertise, your time, and your investment, and we will be upfront about exactly what’s included and what’s not— no surprises. If there are changes or additions to our original agreed upon scope of work, we will talk about it, make a plan, and review how it impacts the project. 
  • We will share our expertise and knowledge, and make recommendations as appropriate, and will deliver a top-of-the-line end product. 
  • We will provide you tools, resources, and help to make this process as easy for you as possible.

What we expect from you: 

  • Be responsive and timely in your communications, ask for help if you need it, and be honest in your feedback, comments, ideas, and suggestions. 
  • Be committed to the project and respectful of us, our expertise, and our time. Participate in the process and answer questions to the best of your ability. 
  • Be upfront about your deadlines and needs, respect our original agreement and scope of work, and be open to new ideas and strategies. 

Next Steps:

  • After the invoice has been paid, we’ll send you a client intake form within 24 hours and will schedule our 1:1 call to strategize the next best steps for your business moving forward.

I’m looking forward to working with you and your business success!